Vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer:study

  • vaccine:疫苗

    eg:vaccine against tetaus(破伤风)
    vaccination 接种

  • cervical:宫颈的 – cervix 子宫颈

    eg:cervial cancer

  • virtually :实质上,实际上

    eg:he was virtually a prisoner
    be virtually forgotten(几乎被遗忘)

The rapid scale-up of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could virtually eliminate cervical cancer in a handful of rich countries within three decades, and in most other nations by century’s end, researchers said Wednesday.

  • scale-up 扩大

    scale v.扩大 增大
    eg:the scale-up of 5G technology

  • papillomavirus 乳头瘤
  • a handful of :少量的

    minorty 少量的,少数

Without screening and HPV vaccination, more than 44 million women will likely be diagnosed with the disease over the next 50 years, they reported in The Lancet Oncology, a medical journal.

  • screening :检察,筛选

    screen n.屏幕,屏风 v.放映 拍摄

  • diagnose:诊断

    be diagnose with sth
    he has recently been diagnosed
    with diabetes

By contrast, the rapid deployment starting in 2020 of screening and vaccination could prevent more than 13 million cervical cancers by mid-century worldwide, and lower the number of cases to below four-per-100, 000 women, the study found.

  • by contrast 与之相比,相反

    in contrast 相比之下

  • deployment n.部署 应用

    v. deploy 部署
    the deployment of AI technology

  • mid-century 中业

“This is a potential threshold for considering cervical cancer to be eliminated as a major public health problem, “ the authors said in a statement.

  • threshold 门界,门槛,界限

    on the threshold of sth
    they are on the threshold of adulthood

“Despite the enormity of the problem, our findings suggest that global elimination is within reach, “ said lead author Karen Canfell, a professor at the Cancer Council New South Wales, in Sydney.

  • enormity 严重性 巨大的

    enormous 巨大的 庞大的

  • within reach 近在咫尺

    near by

Achieving that goal, however, depends on “both high coverage of HPV vaccination and cervical screening, “ she added.

  • coverage :范围 规模

Clinical trials have shown that HPV vaccines are safe and effective against the two HPV strains—types 16 and 18—responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases.

  • Clinical adj .临床的

    clininc 诊所

  • trials n.试验 审判(trial)
  • strains 变种 变体

The study’s projections presume the vaccination of 80 percent of girls 12 to 15 years old starting in 2020, and that at least 70 percent of women undergo screening twice in their lifetime.

  • projections 预测
  • presume 假设

This would push the prevalence of the disease below the bar of 4/100, 000 women in countries such as the United States, Canada, Britain and France by 2059, and in mid-income countries such as Brazil and China by 2069, the authors calculate.

  • prevalence :流行 普及



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